Halliday & Vine, once the greatest ad agency in New York, is now an agency on the brink. Peter Vine, their creative genius, has disappeared. Now, they’ve got one last chance to save themselves when they make the final round in the pitch for the largest fashion account in the world. But Drew, the new Chief Creative Officer, is going to blow it with an absolutely horrible pitch.

That’s when agency peons Ryan Simmons and Rachel Weiss decide to take matters into their own hands. Their only problem? They’ve got no team, no budget, no research, no place to work, no way into the pitch, and to say that Ryan is fashion challenged is an understatement.

What ensues is pure mayhem as the latest technologies, outsized egos, nasty clients, and super models all clash as a lovable but motley crew try to save their agency and their jobs.

Chapter 1

I’m watching my poor cell phone. I think it’s become schizophrenic. I’ve programmed it with so many different ringtones for so many different things that it’s lost its identity. One tone for my clients, one for my boss, one for my work friends, another for my creative director. Then there’s the buzz for when I get e-mails, another buzz for text messages, and of course another one for incoming Tweets. Sometimes three different incoming transmissions hit at once, and the poor thing just kind of has a seizure. The most pathetic thing is when it’s on vibrate and I’ve put it down on a table or something—it sort of fl ails around like a bug on its back on a hot sidewalk. I think it may actually be trying to kill itself. I swear it’s trying to get to the edge so it can jump off and put itself out of its misery.

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“To say I enjoyed Ad Asylum would be an understatement. And I literally laughed out loud many, many, many times!”
-Larry Durst, Ogilvy

“Absolutely hilarious!”
-Steve Ronson, A&E

“I LOVED it! I couldn’t put it down!
-Julie Roehm

“Loved it. When’s the sequel coming out?”
-Rachel Honig, GS Schwartz & Co