About the Author

Dan Wald has spent over 25 years in the marketing world in New York City. He claims that writing this book was actually a pitch for a feminine care product gone bad.

There are many clients, colleagues, and bosses who will probably deny any knowledge of having known or worked with Dan. Such clients include McDonald’s, Kraft, A&E, WE, AMC, Hearst, Sears, Sprint, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Lufthansa, CondeNet, Bacardi, NBC, Verizon, and Disney, among numerous others.

Dan’s alma maters have also expunged his record, although he actually has a BA in Economics from Colgate University and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

He is often quoted as saying, “That thing at the interactive conference in Las Vegas never happened. I wasn’t even in the pool. I deny everything.”

Dan lives in an undisclosed location in New Jersey with his lovely wife, two teen-aged children, and two psychotic Westies.

He’s hoping that the right combination of synapses fires off in his brain again sometime, creating another idea for a book. In the meantime, he’s focused on keeping all of his wonderful, intelligent, and absolutely brilliant clients happy.